Bashas’ will always have a soft spot in my heart♥

During the Rodeo-Chedeski fire, my husband and I had to leave our home in Lakeside and evacuate to St. Johns, Arizona.  It was a terrifying time, but the blessed people in St. Johns took us all in, cooked and served meals for us in the school cafeteria at no charge and with no questions asked.  If you needed food it was given to you.  During this time I remember seeing huge semi-trucks from Bashas’ pull up and unload – literally – tons of food for us.  EVERY DAY.  Mind you, most of the roads were closed due to the fire, so these trucks had to travel through a maze-like route to get there, but get there they did.  Every day.  I would occasionally see trucks from other food stores, and after the fire other grocery stores gave each family enough food for a breakfast at home.  I am not disparaging their contributions (well, maybe I am, actually).  But NO ONE came through for us like our home-town grocer, Bashas’.  Not even close.  Bashas’ will always have a soft spot in my heart.  Thank you! – Valentine