Bashas’ was the very first grocery store I ever visited in 1938 or 1939

Bashas’ was the very first grocery store I ever visited in 1938 or 1939. It was the highlight of our family to go shopping every Saturday evening at Bashas’ in Chandler, AZ. As a 4 year old child, I recall being so fascinated by the big ceiling fan at the entry of the Chandler store. That was a first for me, also. However, the greatest thrill for my brother and me was the freezer near the entry filled with ice cream. My brothers, who had earned money picking cotton that week bought us ice cream cones. So, while Mom and Dad were shopping for our Saturday night meal, my brothers and I cooled off eating that delicious ice cream under Bashas’ big ceiling fan. Our family moved a lot following work. And, we moved down to Goodyear (now known as Ocotillo) not far west of your other Bashas’ Store. I think we moved there to be closer to the school that my brothers attended and to be close to a grocery store. We lived across from a big tall water tank and within walking distance to Bashas’ store. My oldest brother, who was our only driver, knew he would be going to War soon and he said he wanted to move us close to a store and school. It was a blessing to live so close to Bashas’. Today, after 84 years, I still enjoy shopping at Bashas’. I do not live far from the one on Reams and Waddell and the one in Sun City West that has the best bakery. I don’t stand under a ceiling fan eating ice cream anymore; but, my husband waits for me while drinking coffee and eating donuts. -Claudine