My Best Memory of Bashas’

“My best memory of Bashas’ is when I got involved with them. My dad; Sam Garcia Sr., knew Eddie Basha really well. We had a family grocery store called Garcia’s Market in Avondale. We had been in business for 50 years. It was getting really hard for my dad as it was an independent market. He called Eddie and said I have a little gold mine for you if you are interested. We needed a store on this side of town for the people that didn’t have cars or means to get to a big store on the other side of town. Eddie came out and liked the location and leased the building from my Dad. My dad asked them to make my brother, Sam Jr., the store director. They agreed at that little store which is now Food City, made them more $$ than they thought it would. Since then they opened up a bigger store nearby. I have worked at Food City in Avondale for 22 years. My dad passed away in 2008 and Bashas’ was so very generous with us. Bashas’ still leases the building for smaller Food City in Avondale from my mom and they have been very good to my family. Eddie was a very kind man that did a lot for his employees.” – Liz B. Garcia