An image of a turkey dinner.

5 Generations of Bashas’ Shoppers

Judy, from Lakeside

We are five generations of Bashas’ shoppers. I remember shopping there with my Grandma and my Mother, and when I got older, me. Then my kids, then their kids, and there’s another generation coming up.

When my Mother got older, she lived in a senior living community in Safford, Arizona. One Thanksgiving Bashas’ had a promotion offering a free turkey to anyone spending at least $25 in one visit. Mother decided she would cook a turkey as a treat for the members of her community, but buying the turkey herself would have put a strain on her limited budget. Since most in her community, herself included, were elderly and living alone, no one ever spent a total of $25 at once, so the free turkey seemed out of reach. Mother then approached the manager of the store and asked if several members of the community could combine their receipts for a total of $25. “No”, he said, “but I’ll tell you what. You come in just before Thanksgiving and I will GIVE you a turkey”. Mother was stunned at this generosity. Just before Thanksgiving she came in to get her turkey. This wonderful manager gave her the turkey, free as promised, and then asked her if she needed another! Mother said no, one would be enough, then she took it home and cooked a lovely Thanksgiving dinner for the community. To this day this story brings tears to my eyes. Most of these people would have spend Thanksgiving alone in their apartments if not for my Mother and Bashas’.